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Tax Services

Complying with applicable regulations requires adequate understanding and accurate steps in avoiding potential errors and cost inefficiencies. We help our clients meet their needs to minimize these risks and optimize efficiency.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning is a series of plans to improve the efficiency of tax management by identifying the best alternatives for saving tax lawfully in accordance with your company’s business plans and policies. This service also includes setting up alternative transaction schemes and accounting methods. The aim is to minimize the tax burden and maximize the growth of your company.

Tax Review

Tax Review is a service to review your company’s tax compliance, identify potential corporate tax exposures and provide recommendations for ways to minimize tax exposure. Our review service will cover all of your company’s activities that have an impact on your company’s tax obligations. This includes evaluating the feasibility of the data and information presented on the tax return and the possible problems and exposures that your company may have.

Tax Advisory

Is an ongoing consulting service about taxation problems faced by your company for a certain period of time. This service can be done by mail, facsimile, email, teleconference, or a direct meeting with our consultant team. This is to give your company the best solution for the tax problems faced.

Tax Administration

Is a service to assist your company in handling tax administration effectively and efficiently. These services include, among others, registration and revocation of Taxpayer Identification Numbers (NPWP) and / or VAT Registered People Numbers, applications for bookkeeping to the Tax Authorities, applications for bookkeeping in foreign languages and currencies, applications for centralized VAT administration, and tax permit application.

Tax Audit Assistance

Tax Audit Assistance is a service to help and represent your company if a tax audit is carried out by a tax authority. This is to prevent your company from receiving tax assessment with the amount of tax to be paid and / or inappropriate penalties, due to errors in sending tax returns and / or failure to show proper and complete accounting processes and supporting documents.

Tax Return Preparation

This service includes preparing and submitting Annual Tax Returns and / or Term Tax Returns in accordance with Tax Regulations.

Tax Dispute Resolution

Is a service to assist your company in settling tax disputes such as objections to tax assessment notices, appeals against tax objection decisions, and applications for tax review to the Supreme Court.

International Taxation

This service helps your company deal with global business transactions that involve cross-border tax rules. we will analyze your complex international tax issues to minimize the tax burden and to meet tax compliance requirements in Indonesia and other jurisdictions in collaboration with our global affiliated companies. This service includes but is not limited to: Transfer Pricing Documentation, Tax Planning for Cross-Border Transactions, Transfer Pricing Review, Transfer Pricing Audit, and Transfer Pricing Dispute Resolution.

Standard Operational Procedure Designing

By using this service, we will review your company’s current tax management to further develop or improve standard operating procedures. The designed SOP is expected to provide guidance for your company to carry out all tax-related activities to comply with tax regulations.

Legal Services

Our role can be described as a lawyer by consulting with our clients regarding legal issues. Our foreign advisors, with their knowledge, play an important role in bridging the communication gap between foreign clients, the principles and objectives of the law involved, and legal understanding of the main aspects of the case being carried out.


We handle all matters related to financial institutions, including banks, and related business activities. Our banking and financial team acts for banks and borrowers, in a broad spectrum of transactions and financial problems.

We understand that the financial services market is now under pressure from ever-changing regulations. That is why our team came up with a creative approach: commercial while recognizing compliance with relevant laws and regulations. We can offer customized services for banks, consumer finance companies, investment fund companies, and others.

In this sector, we operate in various sectors, including but not limited to:

  1. Investment financing
  2. Refinancing
  3. Compliant and Islamic financial transactions
  4. Corporate loans
  5. Banking disputes

We have a well-known reputation for bankruptcy representatives. We intensively guide our clients, corporate clients or individuals who are considering filing for bankruptcy.

Our bankruptcy specialists are experts in bankruptcy law, local court rules and procedures. We provide legal advice about bankruptcy and help them through all the processes, from submitting all bankruptcy requirements to representing clients at Bankruptcy Hearings.

Our various knowledge and perspectives make it possible to achieve the most realistic results for clients. We create alliances with related types of professionals to analyze business problems and find solutions to meet their financial obligations.

Tax Litigation

We are experienced in civil litigation, arbitration and handling of the Indonesian national police in criminal investigations and complaints. In certain situations, we will recommend the involvement of Indonesian external litigators which depends on the nature of the case or the parties involved.

Then our role can be described as a lawyer because we manage and support the litigator in consultation with our clients. Our foreign advisors, with their extensive local knowledge, play an important role in bridging the communication gap between foreign clients, the principles and objectives of the law involved, and understanding local litigation about the main aspects of this case.

Capital Market

Indonesia has experienced capital market developments. The number of investors in the Indonesia Stock Exchange continues to grow, and the same thing also happens to issuers. Many Indonesian companies became public companies by initiating public offerings.

As one of the practitioners of Capital Market Law, we have dedicated a team in handling Capital Market legal services. We assist our clients in conducting IPOs, handling all legal requirements and technical issues.

We also represent investors, local or foreign, who are interested in investing in this country. We provide insights into legal perspectives, advice and help them throughout the investment process.

Corporate & Investment Law

Our team provides legal services at every stage of a business trip. We put the company’s legal regulatory framework into business / commercial solutions. Our expertise in the corporate legal sector includes corporate structuring and restructuring, business licenses, investments, corporate finance, acquisitions and more.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience of company law and regulations, coupled with a sharp analytic business perspective enables us to provide cost-effective, practical and commercial advice, while ensuring that legal objectives are met.

Over the years, we have acted for a broad client base, including new companies, fast-growing companies, and multinational companies in many industrial sectors. We also suggest and represent private investors and venture capitalists regarding the structure of agreements, provisions, design documents, negotiations, partnership agreements, and other related documentation needed.

Transfer Pricing Documentation

Transfer pricing documentation preparation services including TP Doc preparation strategy. This is intended to assist clients in dealing with transfer pricing. We provide input on the documents and strategies needed to prevent losses from related party transactions and transfer pricing scenarios.

Why Us?

We aspire to be one of the leading tax consulting firms in Indonesia by enhancing our ethical values and services to our clients, providing the best consultations by consultants who are professional in their fields.


We embrace the passion for excellence through our professionalism, excellent services, and competent personnel.

Social Responsibility

a good company that upholds social responsibility in our opinion is about living in harmony with stakeholders, by providing the best values to stakeholders.


Growing under a clear vision and mission together with a commitment to help clients, KKP Ashadi and Partners have grown to build mutual cooperation with national and multi-national companies.

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