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Ashadi and Partners Tax Consultant Office is part of the Ashadi and Partners firm, a business entity in Jakarta that provides trusted, independent, accountable and professional tax and accounting services.

Why Us?

Why use our services as your company’s tax solution?

There are several benefits to the company if you use the Tax Consultant Office, the problems regarding your company’s financial and tax statements are as follows:

Legality Aspect

The Tax Consultant Office has an official legal umbrella that is recognized by the government and related professional associations.

Standards and Quality Aspects

Have a quality control system established by related professional associations as a control tool in maintaining the quality of tax service quality.


Led and managed by a state-registered accountant who maintained his competence and professionalism.

Integrity aspect

The Tax Consultant Office upholds the code of ethics and professional standards set by the relevant professional associations in providing services to clients / service users.

Supervision and Guidance Aspects

Fostered and supervised by the Directorate General of Taxes and related professional associations in order to improve professionalism and compliance of consultants.

Our Services

Tax Consultant Services


Every business decision must have tax implications and what makes this even more difficult is the ever changing tax regulations. Companies face a daunting task of managing their tax costs and obligations. We combine insight and innovation. From various disciplines with business and industry knowledge to help your company excel globally.

Tax Planning


Maximizing profits Your company is our main concern. We try to make sure you take the opportunity of every possible opportunity to save tax and minimize tax exposure without violating applicable tax regulations.

Fulfillment of Tax Obligations


Preparing various types of accurate and timely Tax Monthly Reports can involve many tiring hours. We are able to take this burden from you by preparing and submitting a Report to the Tax Office. You will have peace of mind that your compliance issues are taken care of by tax experts.

Tax Review, Tax Due Dilligence and Tax Reconciliation


The government can impose hefty sanctions for inaccurate tax reporting. Therefore, managing your tax exposure risk is very important, whether you are seeking peace of mind for your own company or before buying another company. This risk can be managed by conducting a review of your financial statements, accounting records and your tax report to ensure that any inaccuracies or tax exposures can be identified and actions taken in a timely manner.

Tax Dispute / Litigation Services


Going through a tax audit, appeal, appeal or reconsideration can be tedious. We will assist you in the entire dispute process, guaranteeing a faster process and the best results in your case, including:

  1. Present a strategy to win this case.
  2. Review relevant supporting documents before submission;
  3. Prepare correspondence for tax authorities;
  4. Representing you in a meeting with the tax authority or tax court.

Tax Amnesty


Tax Amnesty is a policy in the form of tax amnesty given by the Indonesian government to taxpayers. Tax Amnesty policies include:

  1. Elimination of tax due;
  2. Elimination of tax administration sanctions;
  3. Elimination of criminal sanctions for taxes and assets that have not been reported if the taxpayer paid all tax arrears and paid a ransom.

Our Clients

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